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[ doubletake ] . 3

SERIES // multiple exposure // ætheric collaboration

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  • P A R L O R denver

Service Description

FILM PHOTOGRAPHY FOR SELF EXPANSION { student master student | prerequisite: LAB [doubletake] . 2 } The double exposure is a slumbering messenger; To pull a message through, the creator COLLABORATES with essences unseen, coalescing dimensional imagery into unfathomable new depictions; The technician must both grasp and set free their expectations of a defined outcome, and continued practice can cultivate operation from INSTINCT — a subtle Knowing; It is often in this liminal space that the images resulting of true collaboration with æther can be mind-bending examples of real-life magic; There is no more astonishing representation of this magic spirit at play as when doubled photographs are shot with days, weeks, months, or even years between first and last capture and yet the imagery aligns as if orchestrated with complete intention; Delayed multiple exposure — wherein a roll is photographed, respooled and photographed again at a later time — is a technique with abundant application in manifesting massive outcome through INSTINCT and the release of control. // THIS LAB IS PART THREE in a continued series on multiple exposure: In this third session members will view photographic outcomes from LAB.2 and practice with delayed multiple exposure; Participants will each shoot a complete roll of film utilizing experience in this technique; Film will be sent for dev/scan and all photographic outcome will be made available for SELFSTUDY 1pm to 4pm at P A R L O R denver ○ film camera + film required; however: ○ some LAB cameras available for member use — inquire for availability ○ some film available for purchase ○ digital cameras un-welcome in this container :D

Cancellation Policy

{ please reach out if you intend to cancel or reschedule }

Contact Details

  • c/o 2507 Bruce Randolph Ave


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