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[ doubletake ] . 2

SERIES // multiple exposure // ætheric collaboration

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  • P A R L O R denver

Service Description

FILM PHOTOGRAPHY FOR SELF EXPANSION { student master student | prerequesite: LAB [doubletake] . one } The double exposure is a slumbering messenger; To pull a message through, the creator COLLABORATES with essences unseen, coalescing dimensional imagery into unfathomable new depictions; The technician must both grasp and set free their expectations of a defined outcome, and continued practice can cultivate operation from INSTINCT — a subtle Knowing; It is often in this liminal space that the images resulting of true collaboration with æther can be mind-bending examples of real-life magic. The human subject is a photographic-feedback-world unto its own; Here we utilize human consciousness in witness, direction, and depiction of other human consciousness... on film, multiplied. // THIS LAB IS PART TWO in a continued series on multiple exposure: In this second session members will view photographic outcomes from LAB.1 and practice with immediate multiple exposure through experimentation with the human subject; Participants will each shoot a complete roll of film utilizing experience in this technique; Film will be sent for dev/scan and all photographic outcome will be made available for LAB.3 1pm to 4pm at P A R L O R denver ○ film camera + film required; however: ○ some LAB cameras available for member use — inquire for availability ○ some film available for purchase ○ digital cameras un-welcome in this container :D

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  • c/o 2507 Bruce Randolph Ave


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